About Us


Custom House Numbers & Signs, Personalised Wood Signs & Boxes, Wedding, 21st Birthday & Anniversary Decor, Personalised Journals & Guest Books, Chopping Board Gifts, Corporate Gifts.

Calla Bleu designs and makes personalised pieces for Weddings & Special Occasions. They produce beautiful Wedding Favours, Invitations, NZ Made Giftware and much more. Calla Bleu is also heavily involved in producing custom pieces for Corporate Companies & Public Institutions.

Calla Bleu was formed through a Partnership between Laserworx, a well established laser cutting & engraving firm and Kcimory, a boutique wood-working & design business. 

The skill sets and resources shared through the pairing has resulted in a formidable partnership offering some of the most distinctive Wedding & celebratory paraphernalia you will find here and abroad as well as a top of the line offering at a commercial level.

We are a friendly and helpful team so contact us today to see how we can help you or check-out our online store.