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Why Choose Reusable Wooden Wedding Invitations?

Why Choose Reusable Wooden Wedding Invitations?

One of the most important things to a Wedding is the invitations, they're not only telling your guests where and when the event is happening but they're essentially the prelude to your day and often used to give guests a taste of what's to come....

Unfortunately, like all things "Wedding," they're a large unavoidable expense...

So we've decided to go down the path of the Re-Usable Invitation....and here's what prompted this decision, one which I'm sure many of you will relate to...

So having been to many weddings myself, this is one typical process of receiving an invite...

1. Mail Delivery

Invitation arrives in the mail...[Yippee someone likes us enough to invite us to their wedding..]

2. Invitation Model

The invitation is beautiful, it's a triple fold model tied together with a satin ribbon, apart from the invitation details, inside is also a pocket holding a series of cards..RSVP, Gift Registry, Map to Wedding & Personalised Social Media Hashtag Card [WTF is that????]

3. Safe Storage

Anyway...I can't wait for my husband to arrive home so that I can show him this beautiful card....hmm where to put it? I certainly don't want my toddler to use it as a tunnel for his toy cars....ah yes, that drawer in the kitchen for all things in transition to a permanent home .....

4. Display Options

Three days go by before my memory is jogged by a Facebook post about where to find accommodation for the up-coming wedding [Ah crap...forgot to show my husband the card...]. So after some rummaging through that kitchen drawer, the beautiful card is produced and shown to my husband, his enthusiasm at seeing it is the same shown when I tell him about the new diet I will deeeeefinitely start next week [a raise of the eyebrows, a nod of the head].. 

This time I plaster the card to the fridge with a series of under-performing magnets...........

5. Where Art Thou Invite?

The day of the wedding arrives....tensions peak when the zipper ceases on my dress [damn those sticky donuts I ate yesterday] and then to top it off I can't find the invitation which holds important information like what time the ceremony is and WHERE THE CEREMONY IS!!!..... It's been 3-months since I last laid eyes on that beautiful invitation but alas it is elusive on its day of reckoning... Fortunately a call to an annoyingly-organised friend allows us to leave home informed but in haste... 

The Wedding was amazing, great catch-up with friends and family and a serious hang-over to boot..

6. A Belated Find

Several months down the track while I'm looking for something in that half-way house of a kitchen drawer, I come across that beautiful invitation under a mass of supermarket vouchers and religious booklets dropped off by various passerby's that I hadn't read nor the heart to throw away. The invitation is smeared with buttery fingerprints and I now clearly remember hastily putting it in that drawer after those mediocre magnets were no match for a swiftly opening fridge door.

7. Final Resting Place

I look briefly at the invitation and think back to the great time I had at the wedding....well, what I can remember of it that is...and then in one fell swoop the invitation finds itself at the bottom of the recycling bin...

So while we can't guarantee one of our invites will not suffer the same fate, we do endeavor to give it a better chance at life by making it functional. Our engraved invitations are made from 4mm strong natural wood & most have a chalk-board rear and can be hung on a hook. They're distinctive designs make them attractive to the eye and they will fit well into any home. They can be used in the kitchen or even as name signs on a child's bedroom door. We also have invitations with built in strong magnets, just perfect for holding notes or even the power bills. So if you're in the market for invitations, do think about how they will be appreciated by your guests as you don't want to pay alot of money for them only to be shoved in a drawer and then easily discarded....

Thanks for reading,

Certified Bridal Team


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