Add your own personal touches to wedding invitations

Add your own personal touches to wedding invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations especially, most people want something that's like no other......this is how I live my life in general so I can relate.

BUT, not everyone is a graphic designer or one of those crafty people, however, unless you're a pre-schooler, you can probably colour inside the lines right?

So, I guess, we've done the hard work for you, we've done the graphic stuff, the making and the cutting so all you need to do is paint, colour-in or whatever your fancy.


Before you go cray cray, do some practise..... If you're in the building industry you will have heard the saying, "Measure Twice, Cut Once," same notion applies here, so if you're interested in one of our invitations we can send you a PDF image of the to-scale invitation that you can print off as many times as you like and practise to your heart's content before taking the plunge so to speak....


If you're painting, I suggest using good quality paint, cheap paints will show patchy spots and you might find yourself doing numerous coats. Yes, these good paints you will no doubt find in an art shop but the Test Pots at paint stores are my number 1 suggestion, not too expensive and plenty of colours to choose from. 


You don't need expensive brushes, but look for small fine tipped brushes with fine or smooth hairs, you can get packs of these from your local $2 Shop. You'll need a few so don't scrimp.


Get some quality masking tape & a sheet of fine sandpaper from your local hardware store, this will make a difference especially if you're doing stripes, you'll want nice crsip lines with no runs (be sure to firmly press the side of the tape down once its been applied). If you get paint somewhere it shouldnt be, lightly use the sandpaper to remove it (I suggest 320 or 400 grit, the higher the number the finer the sandpaper).


It doesn't have to be perfect, it's hand done so people would expect to see minor discrepancies, it just makes it more personal, more authentic.

Most of all HAVE FUN!!!


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