Gifting Personalised Journals - Our Top 10

Gifting Personalised Journals - Our Top 10

1. The Gratitude Journal

Due to the Covid Pandemic, its become quite important to remember what we're grateful for in life and these lovely little black faux leather journals are a great way to list those things that make us happy despite what mayhem is going on in our lives. It is said that jotting down the good things in your life really do improve your metal health.

black leather gratitude journal

2. The Travel Journal

Ok, so International travel is fairly limited these days, especially if you're on our side of the continent, but it's not to say travelling your own country is ruled out. We would normally associate a Travel journal with the wonders of the world, but the wonders of what's in your local backyard can also be worth journaling. Seeing the country side in a Campervan, on a Harley or even a pedal bike could be the theme for your Travel journal, but of course, we have plenty of imagery to choose from. It's no doubt having a durable journal on hand can make entries quick and easy, especially so you don't forget anything you've seen or experienced.

travel journal

3. Thoughts & Scribbles Journal

Sometimes it's just nice to find a quiet place and jot down your Thoughts and scribble a little picture. Are you in the midst of planning something special? Have you experienced something that now requires you to get your thoughts in order? or do you just like to ponder and make notes? Something like this beautifully engraved bamboo journal, with its organic feel, could definitely evoke a willingness to get those thoughts or ideas on paper.

journal for thoughts and scribbles

4. Recipe Journal

This is definitely one of the more popular journal options. Are you someone that might google a recipe and make some changes? or have you got recipes handed down that need to be journaled? or do you just like to experiment in the kitchen? Having all of those recipes in one place, where you can add your own tips is definitely a must for the avid cook. These lovely soft-cover durable journals come with sticker prompts to ensure you note every detail and the recipes can be as long or as short as you need, definitely a mainstay of the kitchen!

personalised recipe blank journal

5. Gardening Journal

Growing your own vegetables has polarised local communities with the addition of community gardens. Whether its the community garden or at home, journaling what, where and when you planted is a great way to keep track of harvest times and what worked and didn't work for future garden planning. If you're like me, buying what's pretty at the local garden centre is a favourite pastime, and making notes of the name of the plant can definitely save time when you need to replace it after forgetting to water it for a month...

plant journal

6. Quote or Motivational Journals

Sometimes seeing a motivational quote can lift your day, there's so many you can choose from and engraving one on the cover of a journal really does make for a great gift for yourself or someone special. Whether you're planning a Wedding, starting a new business or just de-cluttering your home, a motivational journal with quotes that mean something to you, will definitely put you in the right mood for "doing" and out of the mood for procrastinating!

motivational or quote journal

7. Fitness Journal

We've all made that New Year resolution of eating better and exercising more, but how long does it last....So what about setting yourself a challenge and journaling it. Writing down your goals and keeping track of them in a journal is certainly a good way to keep yourself accountable. Of course, don't forget, no one is perfect, so making light of the bad days, will also help you along. 

fitness journal

8. Kids Journal 

Kids grow up so fast, so having a journal to record all those little milestones is a wonderful idea don't you think? It could be something funny they said or did, it could be a photo of an outfit they looked so adorable in or a entry each month for how much they've grown. Journaling the life of a little one is just as important for when they start school or loose their first tooth and get their first certificate at assembly. Keep a record, you will cherish the memories!

black leather kids journal

9. Project Journal

Projects are in our framework, who doesn't love a little bit of DIY, so use a journal to scribble out plans, make design changes, keep a record of the tools used, staple in a couple of fabric samples, its certainly worth the time, especially if you decide one day to sell your designs to the world. A journal of this nature, can really be a great gift for Dad, Granddad or anyone that likes using their hands.

project journal

10. Finally - The Life Journal

Quite possibly one of the most sentimental gifts you could ever give someone, are our personalised Life Journals. A great gift for Mum, Dad, Grandma, Granddad a favourite Aunt or Uncle or one for yourself. These beautifully handmade journals will be a treasured heirloom. I bet most of us don't know what our parents got up to in their younger years, what their hopes and dreams were and what they really feel about modern life. This journal comes with over 80 question prompts to help someone record the story of their life.

life journal

Jouranls definitely are a great personalised gift, there's so many topics, really the choice is up to you. Thanks for reading this blog and if you're interested in learning more about what we do, check out our website.

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