10 Memorable Personalised Favours for your Wedding Reception

10 Memorable Personalised Favours for your Wedding Reception

Wedding favours are small gifts given to guests by a Bride & Groom (Bride & Bride or Groom & Groom to cover all bases) as a small token of their appreciation for attending their wedding. The favours are generally presented on a table setting near or on a guest’s dinner plate. Personalised favours or favors (American spelling) are becoming more and more popular as To-Be-Wed couples try to make their Wedding even more memorable by suprising guests with something personalised.

Here is our list of 10 personalised Wedding Favours:

1. Personalised Keyring

Keyrings are really popular because they’re a functional gift and being personalised, guests will be more inclined to use them for their keys. The up-side for you is that keys normally get used often so guests will have a regular reminder of your Wedding day.

personalised wooden name tag keyring favour

Photo Credit: Calla Bleu LTD. Product Link: www.callableu.co.nz/product/table-names-kiwiana-koru


2. Personalised Coaster

The unsung hero of the domestic household, the Coaster! While not always personalised to the point of individual guest names, there is a decent amount of surface area to have your names in large font and details about the Wedding, such as the date and location as well as a small message. Your guests will be reminded of your wedding each time they have a hot beverage.

personalised wooden and glass coasters

Photo Credit: Calla Bleu LTD. Product Link: www.callableu.co.nz/product/engraved-wooden-glass-coaster-favours


3. Personalised Cookies

Yum! Who doesn’t love cookies? Delicious personalised cookies would certainly pose as a memorable edible Wedding favour, especially if they're beautifully decorated like these ones!

personalised cookie favours

Photo Credit: Cookie Gifts. Product Link: www.cookiegiftsnz.wordpress.com


4. Personalised Mystery Box

Mystery boxes always generate a hype of anticipation…although generally filled with sweets or chocolates, the unwrapping of the box is probably the most exciting and memorable part and the personalised name tag suggests that the contents is just for that person and no one else….

mystery box favour with personalised tag

Photo Credit: Calla Bleu LTD. Product Link (tag only): www.callableu.co.nz/product/wine-charms


5. Personalised Glasses

Personalised glassware such as wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer mugs or shot glasses are one way to grab your guest's attention. Not so easy to pocket for the trip home but I'm sure they would be appreciated and there's something a little special about engraved glassware.

personalised wine glass, champagne glass, beer mugs and shot glasses

Photo Credit: Calla Bleu LTD. Product Link: www.callableu.co.nz/product/wedding-champagne-flutes-wedding-glasses

6. Personalised Candles

Scumptious smelling candles as favours will always be a crowd pleaser. How memorable would it be for you and your guests as you are welcomed into your reception with the sweet smell of scented candles and your way illuminated by small flickers of light held in the air by your guests!

personalised candle wedding favour

Photo Credit: Amaaria Soy Candles. Product Link: www.amaaria.co.nz


7. Calligraphy Names

These laser cut names are hugely popular at the moment, mainly because they stand out so billiantly on a plate or table setting, it's like getting your name in bright lights, that's how effective they are. [Be careful where you buy them from, thinner less rigid materials can cause them to break before they even make it to your reception tables!]

laser cut name favours

Photo Credit: Calla Bleu LTD. Product Link: www.callableu.co.nz/product/guest-table-names-boho-white


8. Personalised Advice / Message Cards

While these are not necessarily a favour (your guests don't get to keep them), they are however personalised with your guest's names and they provide a bit of fun to fill in before the formailities begin plus they void the need for a Guest book.

advice card wedding favours

Photo Credit: Calla Bleu LTD. Product Link: www.callableu.co.nz/product/guest-book-advice-cards


9. Personalised Products

A very memorable favour is a personalised product that would be a reminder of the location of your Wedding or an item that would perhaps be a reminder of you as a couple or just something useful you know your guests would love. Word of warning though, make sure you check with your engraver before buying a stock of products because not everything can be engraved...

personalised kava bowl favours

Photo Credit: Calla Bleu LTD. Product Link: unavailable


10. Personalised Wine Glass Charms

Personalised wine glass charms are definitely the work horse of the favour options....how annoying is it to come back from the dance floor to find someone has swiped your glass! So these little babies will keep a close eye on your vino!

personalised wine glass charms

Photo Credit: Calla Bleu LTD. Product Link: www.callableu.co.nz/product/wine-charms


Thank you for reading our blog about memorable personalised favours. We welcome any comments!


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